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What better way to start your Mysuru Vacation than with a picture of your favorite celebrity? The figures are so realistic that you will be able to go home and brag about meeting Sir M Vishweshwarayya, Shikant Datta Vodeyar, Raghavendra Swami, Narendra Modi and more. The museum has over 50 wax sculpctures along with Kids Attractions. What are you waiting for ? Your favorite celebrity is waiting.

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Chamundeshwari Celebrity Wax Museum




All Days: 9:00 AM-9 PM


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Chamundeshwari Celebrity Wax Museum is one of The finest wax museum in Mysuru located Near CARP Ground, Maharana Pratap Road. The renowned sculptor, Mr. Umesh Shetty has started this museum. He is having 25 plus years of experience in Wax statue manufacturing.

The Wax Museum is becoimng one of Mysuru’s busiest and favorite tourist attractions. The long line of people waiting to take a glimpse at the famous wax figures can stretch for blocks.